How and Where To Buy Bitcoin.

I just found the best way to buy Crypto directly to our Wallet in less than 15m,
with debit card / credit card / neteller :

  • No complex exchanger needed like Binance/Bitrex/Coinmama…

  • No complex KYC verification

  • Buy BTC  and send direct to your Waves Wallet to trade for WESA

  • We can even buy just $10 of various cryptos

I took less than 12minutes for me when I tested this with registration, verification and funds received in my Crypto wallet. Click here to buy crypto now

This is perfect for enrolling, easily, new members without the complex purchase process part with exchangers etc.

There are many other options for buying Bicoins using a debit or credit card or a bank transfer, which differ in availabliity from country to country. Here we have tried to include the most popular and versitile options, but if these don’t fit the bill then you can always search on Google for “How to buy bitcoins in YOUR COUNTRY”

XCoins Buy and sell bitcoin using Paypal – this is a good option for many people in counries where Paypal operates.

Local Bitcoins is the most global and complete service I know. The pioneering and most trusted P2P Bitcoin exchange in the world, where you can find the widest variety of trading partners, currencies, payment methods and offers.

PayBis is one of the best options and available in many countries. The link takes you to an explanitory video in YouTube and it has simple steps to follow below the video to make it easy for you to get started.

Changelly is one of the highest-rated exchanges in the world. It’s simple, requires no KYC for you to start exchanging your crypto, and a simple Credit card purchase option (KYC may be required)

Paxful is a simple peer to peer option to buy and sell BTC with around 4 million users worldwide. You can buy and sell BTC for almost anything… Including: Bank transfers, Cash, Paypal, Western union even Amazon gift cards. In fact, there are over 300 options for buying BTC so there is certainly one you can use It’s  in almost all countries around the world  including the USA, Philippines, China, Australia, Nigeria Europe and many others.

Coinjar The best bank/crypto exchange for UK and Australia. (the only countries offered at CoinJar). Coinjar is simple exchanging to and from your bank. They require KYC and a little effort to create your account, but once done,it’s a great system.  Is a site HIGHLY recommend by a member for Canadians as super easy to set up and buy crypto.  Fully decentralised always make Waves exchange one of the safest exchanges for your crypto. They now offer credit card purchases for both USDN (not available for US Residents) and BTC this makes it easier to get and store your crypto.  On top of that, of course, Waves exchange lists WESA Tokens making it easy to buy and sell.

Blockchain  is a good option for many people and a wallet I have used for several years.

Coinbase is another I have used for many years and the first exchange I ever used to cash bitcoins directly to my bank

Coinmotion I have not personally used but allows direct to/from bank transfers