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Team LeaderMy name is Donald Wardle, the leader of our Bitcoin Management Systems team. As a team leader, I assume the responsibility and priveledge of guiding discussions about how cryptocurrency programs work and how they can benefit your financial future.





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Hello friends, neighbors, Romans, countrymen, Facebook acquaintences, and even those that have unfriended me; I have developed this Facebook Page to promote a variety of businesses that I participate in.

As many of you know, I am a retired U.S. Marine and have been employed in a variety of jobs since. The problem is that they were all “jobs” and generated no significant income. Then I learned how to spell “ant tru prem anure” and now I are one.

Network Marketing is an exciting process and has proven to be very profitable, but to be truly successful financially, you must like people and be willing to assist them in life, as well. That’s why I choose Multi- Level Marketing. An instructor, I once had during my Masters courses, has always stuck with me. He said “once you learn how to market or sell, you will never be unemployed again.” Oh, how right he was!

OK. There I’ve said it. Those three nasty words that encompass the internet. Multi- or Level Marketing or MLM.

I agree, there are many 4 letter words out there, such as “scam”, so we need to stick together and share experiences, both good and bad. Sticking together is the only way to ensure success.

I will be posting several opportunities that I have found to be profitable, obtainable and secure. However, I don’t control the minds of business owners and their business decisions so there is always a risk. I promise to stay alert and advise on any negative experiences I see coming. Until then, enjoy and I intend to see you on the inside and at the beaches of the world.

Donald Wardle
USMC Retired


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