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Brilliance in Commerce



This is how the cultural creatives, changemakers, conscious wealth managers, and contributors to the golden age are quietly transacting sacred commerce through an advanced asset protection instrument ~ ~ previously a best kept secret of the super rich.

Peaceful people can benefit from operating one or more of these trusts, which concentrate the best asset protection secrets of the elite into the fewest words, and simplifies the language so as to minimize legalese and maximizes common politeness and understandability.  These trusts can be operated in most countries anywhere in the world.  Trust clients may become either trustees or creators, beneficiaries, and managers. These international pure natural law sovereign irrevocable trusts have no income tax filing requirements. They are infinitely flexible and can be adapted to any ethical, lawful, and noble purpose.

They have a  100% success rate – meaning they have never been penetrated or invalidated in over three decades of use.  This has been the trust of choice for those preparing for the Global Currency Reset, as the best vehicle for holding wealth, and for preparing one’s estate for generations to come.  Heirs can be endowed with successorship seamlessly with no time delay, no probate, and no death taxes.  Thousands of fortunate clients are quietly happy with these trusts.  See   A free eBook is available for download.

The Liberty credit card and student loan debt elimination program legally cancels United States-based unsecured debts.  These include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, institutional credit card debt, student loans, and signature loans.  You can stop making payments on the debts immediately, and nullify them totally 100%, without bankruptcy, just by sending a series of letters.  Liberty customers say this is the answer to their prayers.  Why negotiate, settle, modify, reduce, or consolidate, when you can outright CANCEL?  Go with what WORKS — not mere theory.  This is one of the best things you can do to help the economy, because it withdraws support from the cartel.  Liberty customers are protected by numerous laws, and a network of allies and professionals.  “Anyone who says it is impossible should not interrupt one who is actually doing it.”  Nearly 100% success rate since 2002, meaning no one who has followed the simple instructions completely and didn’t give up, has failed to have the debts vanish.